Pracownia Psychologii Transportu Dariusz Kraśnicki
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Wrocław ul. Kmicica 3, Żernicka 215

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Pracownia Psychologii Transportu Dariusz Kraśnicki

Pracownia Psychologii Transportu
Od Pracownia Psychologii Transportu we Wrocławiu

ulica Kmicica 3
54-510 Żernicka 215
tel 693 775 123
faks 71 353 92 75,
71 349 38 69,
skype: dariusz.krasnicki2


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This is great news for foreign entrepreneurs. But you need a very highly motivated and dedicated an English speaking local team that helps you get the job done.


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We can make your job a lot easier.


Need a new business idea now? Well, here it is!

  • Public procurement in Poland is made according to The Public Conctract Law. For the first time in history Poland has one of the fastest-growing economy in the World (despite latest turmoil). For years, many investors have been resigned to the notion that the growth you see in the economy is not what you can get from Polish public procurement.
  • Foreign investors very often outperform local competitors but our regulatory policies just discourage either of them.

This is good news for you !!

Globalisation does not have to be an empty slogan anymore !! We are very patient and positive people who can help you to overcome red tape obstacles, reduce all the technical problems and remove all the Polish Public Contract Law mysteries.

No matter what kind of your business it may be, let your specific business (or your business idea in Poland) thrive.

As an "alien" in our Country you have to focus on your profitable business. Let us focus on your success !!If you deliver this single, indispensable quality- Motivation-, you and our Platyna team will be great partners and will free you up to prospective clients.

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3 Kmicica Street
54-514 Wroclaw, Poland
Phone: +48 693 775 123 (Mon-Fri, 9AM-4PM, GMT)
(Administrative offices.)

Welcome to Wroclaw

Poland - the new European Tiger - Quietly living the Good Life.


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